Letter of intent

We want to create a game and social platform for kids with oncological issues, to help them stay in vivid interaction with their relatives (families, schoolmates) even during their therapy in hospital. To do it we need to gather at least $ 108 000 by the means of crowdfunding. The name of the game is Health Craft.

If you want to help:

  • Visit our Facebook fanpage: and
    • Like us!
    • Get involved by spotting people / institutions for who the game could be of benefit. Take selfies with our #playnheal hashtag with the people / institution building, and post it on our fanpage. Spotted places will be drawn and supported with devices (laptops, palmtops) for game playing!
  • To show your will of support for the project financially, vote on our Facebook event
  • Visit our crowdfunding page in December 2014 and buy the game! (for details watch the Facebook event)